Choctaw Central Middle School

CCMS Distance Learning Plan

In the event that our students have to be placed on distance learning, Choctaw Central Middle School will plan to continue with Google Classroom, iReady, Pearson and Reading Plus as normal.

In the event that a student cannot access the internet, he/she may pick up a paper packet from school. Please call the office at 601-663-7777 for more information.

Each student will need to log in to each class each day and complete the bell ringer and work for the day. This is the only way to be counted present.

If you have any problems, please call the number given above.

Office Staff

Our Vision

The vision of Choctaw Central Middle School is to provide quality and excellence in education as evident in our vision, purpose, goals, and beliefs. In the pursuit of excellence and believing that Alla Momat ikkana, all children learn, Choctaw Tribal Schools strive to become exemplary and preeminent schools that inspire, challenge, and empower students and staff for success in a globally competitive society.

Our Mission

In the pursuit of excellence and believing that Alla Momat Illana Hinah, all children learn, Choctaw Central Middle School strives to become an exemplary and preeminent school that inspires, challenges and empowers students and staff for success in a globally competitive society. Choctaw Central Middle School, in partnership with the families and communities, will educate and inspire all students to become responsible, contributing citizens of the global community. The following goals have been set for our school:

  • Increase the rigor of the curriculum and assessment system and the use of technology
  • Raise achievement levels for all students and close the gap between district and national achievement levels
  • Develop cultural pride and demonstrate knowledge of their language and cultural heritage
  • Maintain a school campus where students are safe and parents feel welcomed, informed, and involved.

Choctaw Central Middle school believes all students can learn. We are committed to the following:

  • Creating an educational environment that will challenge, inspire, and excite students
  • Prepare all students to reach their fullest potential
  • Create a positive school climate that is fostered by caring individuals who model respect and set high expectations for students
  • Provide instruction and activities for the development of the mental, physical, social, and emotional well-being of our students.

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Choctaw Central Middle School
150 Recreation Road
Choctaw, MS 39350
Phone: 601.663.7777
Fax: 601.656.1558
Principal: Bruce Burns