Family and Child Education Program (FACE)

Adult Education

Ashley Billie
Raeline McMillan
Susan Stone

Family And Child Education Program (FACE) is located on the campus of Pearl River Elementary School. This program is designed to promote family literacy. The FACE program offers two types of services: center-base and home-base. The center-base component operates Monday - Thursday from 8:00am-3:00pm. Parents/ guardians can attend the program with their children who range between three years old to eight years old. The home-base component is available for children between the ages of newborn to 5 years old. Prenatal services are also offered through the home-base component. Through the home-base component, a family will be visited bi-weekly in their own home by one of the parent educators from the FACE program. The purpose of the visits is to help the family support and understand their child's growth and development.


If you are interested in enrolling in the FACE program, please contact the FACE staff at 601-389-0861 or 601-650-9836.