Response to Intervention

RtI is a general education curriculum framework that involves:

  • research-based instruction and interventions
  • regular monitoring of student progress
  • data driven decision making


The goal of the RtI process is not only to apply accountability to the educational program, but also to provide instructional support to meet individual student needs. Each school has an RtI team that monitors student progress. If the team identifies a student as needing intervention, parents/guardians are invited to attend meetings developing a plan of action to increase the student’s achievement. Student work and progress data are monitored. If goals are not met and interventions provided have not shown success, the local team sends data and documents to the District Review Team (DRT). On the team are district curriculum personnel and other education specialists as necessary. When the information folder is received from the schools, the DRT will analyze documents and data, make suggestions providing guidance for further interventions. If necessary, the DRT will forward the folder to the Multidiscipline Evaluation Team for additional review.


District Review Team:

Nell Adkins
Peggy Crowe