Early Intervention


The Early Education Intervention Program has made a commitment to identify and serve disabled, developmentally delayed, and at-risk Choctaw Children. Preschool services and family services are also provided. If other services are needed, plans will be made to provide each child with an educational setting in which he or she may reach his or her full potential. For more information about services provided or to help a child or family determine eligibility for services, call the Choctaw Early Education Intervention Program at 601-663-7655.  


Angie Gordon, Specialist
Edna Cotton, Parent & Child Educator
Gina Moorehead, Parent and Child Educator
Laurie Ward, Parent and Child Educator
Hope Cheatham, Speech/ Language Pathologist
Sherry Geiger, Speech/ Language Pathologist
Sheila Burns, Occupational Therapist
Jillian Mars, Physical Therapist