Choctaw Language

District Staff

Elementary Schools

1. MBCI Certified Choctaw language instructors teach 30-60 minutes a day to the PreK-3rd grade students in the Choctaw language classroom. The Choctaw Language Curriculum is used in these classrooms. Other certified Choctaw language instructors within the school serve as substitutes when the instructor is out. 

2. The same grades, PreK-3rd, are provided language integration and cultural activities in their own classrooms, with the instructional aide, for their grade level, also.

3. The other classrooms (4th-8th) are served by instructional aides and some MBCI Certified language instructors to teach the Choctaw language and culture using the Choctaw Curriculum Guide and the “hilha unit” (dance unit) for the year. Lesson plans are to be revised as needed by the grade level language instructors and instructional aides for each grade level.

4. Each Choctaw Tribal elementary school will ensure that 100% of the Choctaw children receive Choctaw language and culture classes at least 30 minutes (preferably 50 minutes including after-school time) a day for four to five days a week by:

a. Teaching Choctaw language/culture in the After School Program any time from 3:00-4:20 p.m. four days a week, including homework guidance for 15 minutes in English and Choctaw Monday to Thursdays.

b. During the regular school period, one period of Choctaw language class is taught 30 minutes, four to five days a week totaling 150 minutes a week, minimum.

Most PreK-3rd grade children receive Choctaw language class 30-60 minutes a day from one certified language instructor per school, with two Choctaw Language classrooms and two language instructors for Pearl River Elementary. Other grades continue with the 30 minute instruction for regular class and 20-30 minutes for the After School Program.

Bogue Chitto Elementary
* Renatta Morris
Shayla Chickaway
Serena Stoliby
** Patricia Henry (Language aide)



Conehatta Elementary
* Darlene Vaughn
Patricia Johnson
Peggy Patrick
Willa Thomas
Darnell Willis
Fannie Williamson
Janice Williamson

** Haley Dixon (Language aide)

Pearl River Elementary
* Shavon Willis
Melanie Benn (FACE)
Nancy Tubby
Ashton Thompson Isaac
Nancy Willis
** Alicia Wahwasuck (Language aide)
** Deborah Tubby (Language aide)

Red Water Elementary
* Pandora Sockey
Latika Billie
Cindell Hickman
Rhonda Lopez

** Deanna John (Language aide)



Standing Pine Elementary
* Loretta L. Frazier

Waudine Sockey
Penny Isaac** Precious Farve (Language aide)

Tucker Elementary
* Melissa Farmer
** Larisha Morris (Language aide)


**Each Choctaw Classroom has a Choctaw Language Aide that assist the *Certified Choctaw Language Instructor/teacher. Language Aide runs the Resource Center for Parents and Guardians providing them materials for activities to make and teach their children the vocabulary words being taught at school.
The Choctaw Department of Schools incorporates the teaching of the Choctaw Language and Culture in the Choctaw Tribal School System which encompasses six elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school.


The purpose:

  • Choctaw language maintenance and restoration for our Choctaw children.
  • Preservation of our Cultural ways by continuing to teach the Choctaw children about the various aspects involved, using the newly developed Choctaw language curriculum- Chahta Annopa Isht Áyikhana I Hi̱na Oshi and other resources available.

The Choctaw Tribal School System believes that every Choctaw child attending our school system has a right to be taught their native language. Efforts have been made to meet their right by providing an opportunity for all students to learn the Choctaw language by creating the Annopa Tikbishtiya project through grants from Administration for Native Americans and Department of Education. The two grant programs are serviced under the Choctaw Language and Cultural Integration Program directed by Roseanna Thompson, M. ED. under the MBCI Department of Schools Director, Dr. Randall Grierson.

Choctaw Central Middle School

Choctaw Central Middle School has an average of 160 students who receive Choctaw language classes comprised of:

1. Choctaw language class with a Choctaw language instructor, for 30-50 minutes per grade, Monday to Friday. Choctaw language and cultural integration is provided by MBCI anḏ/or State Certified Language instructors/Teachers. Currently, Cassidy Nickey is one of the MBCI and State certified employees and works at the Choctaw Middle School, using instructional aides as needed.

2. One Chorus/ Choctaw language class is also provided, with a Choctaw speaking teacher or language instructor 15 minutes daily from Tuesday-Thursday. Choctaw language reading and writing activities are provided.

3. PE/ Choctaw language and history classes are taught with a Choctaw speaking language instructor for 15 minutes daily from Monday-Thursday. Lesson plans include oral and written storytelling and role plays in the Choctaw language.

4. Lastly, integrating Choctaw language with reading class at 15 to 25 minutes a day, 3 days a week.

The classes will use floating instructional aides or a classroom for students to rotate, when space is available. Topics will include language and cultural dance units which will be modified by the instructional aides for each grade level.

Choctaw Central Middle School

Cassidy Nickey

Choctaw Central High School

Freshmen and sophomore students, with exceptions for some juniors and seniors that transferred in and have not taken the language classes, will be receiving Choctaw language classes in one of the two elective Choctaw language classrooms. These two Choctaw language classes are taught as 1/2 credit courses throughout the year to all 9th and 10th grade students 55 minutes daily with two Choctaw language instructors for five days a week of one semester.

Choctaw Central High School

Glenda Bell
Farrell Davidson

Tricia Hickman