Heather Adams 601-663-7640
Staff Development Coordinator/ Assessment Coordinator Email Heather  Adams
Nell Adkins 601-663-7648
Curriculum Instruction Facilitator/RTI Coordinator Email Nell Adkins
Linda Alex 601-663-7747
Personnel Email Linda Alex
Jo Billie 601-663-7541
Payroll Clerk Email Jo Billie
Victoria Billie 601-663-7674
Accounts Payable Email Victoria Billie
Bob Briscoe
Exceptional Education Support Team Specialist Email Bob Briscoe
Sheila Burns
Occupational Therapist Email Sheila Burns
Edna Cotton 601-663-7654
Early Intervention Parent & Child Educator Email Edna Cotton
Peggy Crowe 601-663-7616
Curriculum Coordinator Email Peggy Crowe
Gloria Echols
Transition Specialist Email Gloria Echols
Rhonda Fulton 601-650-7356
Early Intervention Email Rhonda Fulton
David Germany 601-663-7662
Director of Schools Email David  Germany
Patricia Gibson 601-650-7371
Registrar Email Patricia Gibson
Angie Gordon 601-663-7655
Early Intervention Specialist Email Angie Gordon
Tracey Hartness 601-663-7771
NASA Center Coordinator Email Tracey Hartness
Zonie Isaac 601-663-7559
Resource Assistant Email Zonie Isaac
Courtney Jimmie 601-663-7565
Choctaw Language & Cultural Integration Email Courtney Jimmie
Mildred Jimmie
Exceptional Education Records and Inventory Clerk Email Mildred Jimmie
Latricia Johnson 601-663-7669
Choctaw Language Assessment Developer/ Coordinator Email Latricia  Johnson
Ron Johnson 601-663-7677
Homebound Liaison Email Ron Johnson
Sylvia Johnson 601-650-1574
Home/Family Services Coordinator Email Sylvia Johnson
Diane Johnston 601-656-5724
Community Relations Specialist Email Diane Johnston
Elray King 601-663-8175
DOS/ Technology Coordinator Email Elray King
Kimberlane Lewis-Earl
Registrar's Office Email Kimberlane Lewis-Earl
Jillian Mars
Physical Therapist Email Jillian Mars
DeAnna McMillan 601-650-7302
Division of Schools Email DeAnna McMillan
Shannon Morrow
Food Services Coordinator Email Shannon Morrow
Amy Pauls 601-650-7308
Data Management Coordinator Email Amy Pauls
Daniel Pilgrim 601-656-0767
Mobile Resource Center Coordinator Email Daniel Pilgrim
Marsha Ramia
Exceptional Education/ Media Liason Email Marsha Ramia
Charlotte Reeves 601-650-1791
Psychometrist Email Charlotte Reeves
Bernita Reynolds 601-663-7652
School Business Manager Email Bernita  Reynolds
Julian Roach 601-416-8234
Behavior Interventionist Email Julian Roach
Polly Samuel 601-663-7649
Exceptional Education Instructional Aide Email Polly Samuel
Pam Smith 601-663-7602
Choctaw Language Assessment Developer/ Coordinator Email Pam Smith
Peggy Snow 601-663-7650
Technology Instructional Support Specialist Email Peggy Snow
Susan Stone
Adult Education/ FACE Email Susan Stone
Roseanna Thompson 601-663-7798
Choctaw Language & Cultural Integration Director Email Roseanna Thompson
Charles Tubby 601-562-9366
Computer Technician Assistant Email Charles Tubby
Sherry Tubby 601-663-7643
Exceptional Education Coordinator Email Sherry  Tubby
Michelle Twist 601-663-7542
Budget Technician Email Michelle  Twist
Laurie Ward 601-663-7654
Early Intervention Parent and Child Educator Email Laurie Ward